Technology-Enabled Lending
  • Weshare
    We are a pioneer in the online, big data-driven automated consumer loans industry in China. We provide personal and installment loans through two top-range mobile applications, namely Shandian Jiekuan (Minute Loan) and Shandian Fenqi (Minute Installment), to mainly blue collar and emerging white collar individuals located in second to forth tier cities in China, who are largely underserved by traditional financial institutions for their short-term financing needs.

    We are committed to strong risk management standards that ensure due diligence at every stage of the loan approval process. Our system extracts and analyzes thousands of relevant variables relating to a loan applicant’s financial records, social and consumption behavior, education background, identity, public records and telecommunication usage from a wide-range of different sources when users input their personal information. The ability to gather these big data sets enables us to effectively assess borrowers’ credit risk, and allows applicants to see their own scores when they apply for a loan with us. With the capability to approve and disperse loans in less than one minute upon application, clear fees and an always on customer service team, customers are attracted by the efficient and trustworthy service that we provide.

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  • First House Loan
    We provide financing services including short-term or bridge loans to SMEs with real estate assets as collateral, and property mortgage loans for individuals. Aided by in-depth knowledge of the property industry, our professional team is highly experienced in delivering suitable property finance solutions with due diligence, borrowers’ repayment ability and assessment of collateral quality firmly in mind.

    Ensuring our customers receive the right financial support is our top priority, and as such, we customize financing solutions based on borrowers’ needs and connect them with online funding sources that meet those requirements. This practice not only allows us to effectively manage risk effectively, but puts our customers in reach of their property-related goals.

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  • Shanghutong
    Through our joint ventures, Shanghutong (in collaboration with Five Star, a leading electric appliances distributor) and Jinrong Yihao (in collaboration with Shenzhen Aisidi (002416.SZ), a Shenzhen-listed leading mobile and electronic devices distributor), we actively work with small and medium-sized suppliers and distributors along the supply chain, which are often underserved by the traditional financial system, to finance their working capital needs.

    Drawing upon the credit data from our JV partners’ ERP systems, we are able to effectively analyze the creditability of vendors and distributors through an innovative score card system; significantly reducing credit risk while providing SMEs with the necessary financial resources to expand their business.

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  • Hainan UCF Small Loan
  • Hei Longjiang CSF Internet Small Loan